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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Rock Star or Radical?

Those are the two labels that have been given to Sarah Palin, It's not hard to figure out which political party those came from, respectively. Either you love her, or you hate her..either way, she has become the most talked about figure on the planet.
And why would an average, middle class woman from Alaska, be the focus of the Democrat party to destroy her reputation, attack her children, and investigate her every move since childhood? What are they afraid of?
Does she have more common sense in her little finger than any of her attackers? Where are all the feminist groups that normally would jump all over anyone doing these things to a liberal woman.
        The thing that bothers me the most is that she doesn't hold political office, and isn't running for anything, so why do they feel the need to make her a part of the news cycle every night?
Don't they realize that by making her the nightly news, they only make her stronger.
Is she qualified to be the President of the United States?  I'm not sure. But i do know that she does have more governing experience than our current President.
     In a way, she has become somewhat of a Rock Star, much like Barack Obama did, as for being Radical, maybe in a way, she is that as well, But...her "Radical" ideas make more sense than anything i've been hearing from the left, and if we don't get things turned around, and soon...we're in for some hard times like none of us have ever seen..So if Right Wing Radicalism is what they want to call it...I'm In.

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