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Friday, November 27, 2009

So Much For Global Warming?

Well, i hate to say i told you so, but....I told you so. I would refer you to a post i wrote back in April.
As if most of us didn't already really know, once again, the American People have been duped.
This time the culprits have been caught red handed, even the New York Times admits that these hacked emails are authentic, as many of them were direct correspondence with them.
      So how many hundreds of millions has Algore made from this Scam of the American People?
If our President really meant what he said about wanting to clean up the corruption in Government, i think this is the place he ought to start.  He should name names and hold those accountable.
Move over Bernie Madoff, Algore and his cronies should be moving into the next cell, but we all know that probably won't happen.
     We have been fed this line of bullsh't for years, forced car companies to build cars that nobody wants, and lied to us daily , (both this and the previous administrations).
None of them had the balls to tell it like it was, to save their sorry ass political futures, and they expect us to trust  the Government to run health care?
All i can say is, what goes around, comes around...many of  the scumbags that got us into this mess, will be gone from office, and we can only hope that it teaches their successors, a lesson.

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