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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Is this the end of Democracy?

A wise man once said, "Democracy will cease to exist when you take from those who are willing to work, and give it to those who are not".-Thomas Jefferson.
It doesn't matter what political party you believe in, it has to be a matter of common sense..My God, doesn't everyone see that the only jobs being created are in Government, and that political correctness is more important than our traditional values.
      We had another tragedy on our own soil, committed by an Islamic Radical Terrorist, that slipped through the radar for years without anyone raising a flag about his radical behavior.
Muslims are one of those "protected" groups, that this administration has difficulty getting tough with as implied in his speech after the attack, where he had to give "shout outs" to some of his friends and discuss Native American issues, before he even mentioned the attack,  That's the First thing he should have mentioned, not added as though it was just a side story..that pissed me off.
          Oh and how about Nancy Pelosi, she hopes to give us all that awesome Health Care package for Christmas, isn't she a sweetheart?.. i think i'm going to puke.
All this crap isn't about health care at all, it's about controlling every part of our lives, they want us all to be mindless robots that depend solely on them for everything.
They attack anyone who disagrees with them, they call us radicals for having opposing views, and refuse to listen to the people that they are supposed to be working for. The Democrat party is in disarray, they know that their careers are on the line. I find it appalling that they can keep spending money that we don't have, raise our taxes (especially on small businesses) and then have the balls to require us to buy health care insurance from the Govt. or else, pay a fine or go to jail.   That doesn't sound like America, it sounds like the Soviet Union.
       Happy Veterans Day to all that have served and Thank You for your service.

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