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Monday, August 3, 2009

Nascar Trash

Congrats to Denny Hamlin for today's running of the Pocono 500, (delayed from Sunday).
He was long overdue for a win and seeing that he won both races there in his rookie season, it was fitting. Some teams are still struggling with the new COT cars, it looks like the 11 team is finding it.
Also congrats to Brad Keselowski in the Nationwide (Busch) series, who held off a very tough competitor, Kyle Bush. They were side by side for many laps, that was a great battle..awesome driving by both men. What can i say about Ron Hornaday..how about 5 wins in a row!! The guy is just phenominal. I think the team owners deserve some credit as well, Kevin and Delana Harvick have a great organization and their efforts show up on the track.
As for Team RDR, we haven't had a lot of luck lately, after exploding the rear end several weeks ago, we came back the following week, started 17th finished 7th, after being hit in the front wheel on the 1st lap pileup. The following week, we blew the transmission and haven't been back since.
We were ready to go back this past friday but got rained out..again.

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