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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Health Care?

Yes i'm still around, i haven't had alot of time to get on here lately, today is a rainy, lazy day so here goes...
Everyone has been watching the news and listening to all these politicians and pundits spewing about so called "Health Care Reform". We see the President on TV nearly every day.
Frankly i''m tired of seeing his face every time i turn on my dam TV.
I don't want to get into the fact that he and his cronies are trying to push this thing, just as they did with the "porkulous" bill, before anyone can look at it.
My main concern is this.. If the Gov't. gets control of our health care, it will be just like Medicare, only it will force every private Insurance company out of business, Not to mention, dictate what all Doctors and Drug companies can charge.
While i agree that our current system isn't perfect, it's sure as hell better than any other in the world. I heard a good idea, Since each State now controls it's own Insurers, why not allow people to get insurance from other states, or does that sound like a capitalist idea that would only promote some competition between insurance companies, thus making it more affordable?
I heard a comment this morning from a politician from Pa. and i've heard many others saying it as well...."People are losing their health care by thousands each day". Well of course they are ..They are LOSING THEIR JOBS you idiots.
People need to wake up and realize that growing the Gov't doesn't produce a dam thing except more corruption. You can't spend your way out of debt in your own home or business, why does the Gov't think they can? Oh i know why..because they have the printing presses..they can make all the money they want... How nice, But sooner or later, someone will have to pay back all these trillions of dollars..i feel bad for future generations.

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