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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mean Mother Nature

I haven't posted anything lately because quite frankly, i'm pissed at Mother Nature, lol.
I know, a lot of good that will do, but at least she knows first hand.
She hasn't been very nice to us lately, it's rained every friday for the past 3 weeks, preventing us from racing, and the forecast for this friday is iffy at best, Oh well, we will just hope for the best and deal with whatever the Lady gives us.
Aside from that, here's another bike to look at..it's my eldest son's 1st Harley that we built about 10 years ago. It's a 1968 Shovelhead motor in an after market rigid frame, it's a kool bike to ride around town, but i wouldn't want to ride it very far, it's not exactly built for comfort.
The frame was powder coated, not painted, and the tank and fenders are pearl white with marbleizing , that a good friend of ours did on it..pretty kool huh?

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