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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

This Week In Nascar

After two days of rain delays, the Coke 600 at Charlotte was finally run, well half of it anyway.
At least they ran enough laps to call it official before the final rain came to put an end to a very long weekend for drivers and fans alike.
Congrats are conveyed to Michael Waltrip Racing, with his #00 driven by David Reutiman, on their first Sprint Cup win this season.
As for Team RDR, it's getting to be somewhat of a soap opera around here..Charlie is having some domestic problems that he needs to deal with and seeing that he hasn't done all that well this season, through no fault of his own, we decided to put Rob back in his own car (the #29) and we put his new motor back in, and is all set to go racing again this weekend.
Oh and as for our protest last weekend..that car that was dominating the field, is not as dominating as he was, he didn't finish all that well last week, i guess by not cheating, things change in a hurry.
Anyway we're expecting good weather again this weekend and we're going there to win, i hope my next post on this subject will be to that effect.

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