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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Track Rules Update

Well it seems that alot more teams complained about the track's decision on last week's race than we thought. Even teams from other divisions told them that they were wrong and if it could happen in our division, it could happen in any division. So according to sources close to us, the track has reversed it's decision and totally disqualified last week's winner, and given no points for that race.
I can only thank our fellow racers for standing up for what is right, forcing the track owners to play fair..which is all we asked for in the first place. And thanks to the track owners for doing the right thing. If you make rules, abide by them and keep it consistant for everyone.

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  1. Well... we all know by now that the track did not reverse their decision. The disqualified driver/car will stay in the 5th position and will be given points and any money due. I have never heard of such a thing! If you are disqualified- you are put last. So, I would have to call it 'randomly placed' (not disqualified). I'd be curious to see how this 'random placement' will play out throughout the season... how often will they use 'random placement'. Will your 'random placement' depend on the 'infraction' or 'who you are'? (I'd like to see that set of rules.) There are not enough words to explain how I feel about this. IT'S NOT RIGHT NOR IS IT FAIR TO THE OTHER DRIVERS!!!