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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Finally a break in the action

With our local racing schedule finished for the season and yard work slowing down, maybe i can find a little time to sit down and do this a bit more.
Where shall i start? with so much going on in the world lately, there is plenty of fodder for anyone to talk about. But i think for my first writing in awhile, i'll just say that we had a fun season of racing and finished 3rd at the Fall Final, (we started 17th). Everyone who helps us did an awesome job at what they do best and it showed. We fully intend on running a full schedule next season, if we can get even a few small sponsors i think we'll do fine.
Oh did i mention that my trusty old pc decided to call it quits on me, i guess i got my 10 years worth out of it, lol. I broke down and bought this new one, what a difference, this thing is on steroids, anyway i'm slowly getting some of my files back. I did manage to backup most of my pics and music so i didn't really lose much.
Anyway this is kool, i like doing it, and beware...i have lots of political stuff to write about, but we'll save it for my next post...Good night America

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  1. Well... It's about time you came back to writing. Missed you here. Already miss the Friday night rumble and rubber. TTYS... Trackgirl