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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Team Update

As i mentioned in my previous post, some changes are coming to Team RDR.
Due to a lack of sponsors, we have to operate out of pocket, which limits us on what cars will be racing and who will be driving them. Our original plan was to run the new #17 car as a backup for Rob (my son) who has been the driver of the #29 car since it was built, 4 years ago, and to let the rookie (Marc) run a few races with it during the season. And that was all fine, since Robbie..(our crew chief and master fabricator) built the #17 with his own money and we put our new motor in it.
But since no one was able to come through with any sponsors..(which they had all promised to do) , and Charlie being the only one who came through with any money, secured himself a ride in the #29 using his own motor. Are you with me so far?? Don't worry about it..i'm getting to my point soon, lol.
The deal is this..the #17 will go into mothballs for now..the new motor is going into Charlie's old #16 car that he ran for the past 2 years..it needed a little work, but they are putting a new body on it now, as i type. So Rob will be driving the #92 (Charlie's old #16) , Charlie will continue to drive the #29 as is, and the rookie (Marc) will have to sit, or continue to be a crew member or whatever he decides to do, until he can contribute money.
The reality is that Money makes those things go around the track and everyone has to make a contribution if you expect to race, it's as simple as that. It's better to learn a hard lesson from the start that nothing is given to you, nor should you expect it to be.
It's a matter of how bad that you want something , if he really wants to race, he will make sacrifices somewhere and save his money, or get off his butt, and try harder to get a sponsor.
With all that said, i'm not sure that the #92 will be ready for this weekend, there's a chance of a rainout anyway, but it should be all set for next weekend. It will be the "twisted sister" to the #29..same base color will make it easy to tell they are team cars.

A few more pics from the Spring Sizzler, looking out from the hauler.. it's our only escape from the sun. Yep that's my backside on the left, Rob (my son) and Marc on the right.

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  1. Racing isn't a cheap sport, but it sure is fun. Hope everything comes together for the weekend. Good luck.