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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Kool Blogs

I have been visiting around to some other blogs, and i'm amazed at some of the them.
Some are very creative in their graphics and some are very interesting by topic, or both.
I wish i had the time and skill to do what ya'll do..especially the ones that are "blogs of note", congrats to all that have that prestige.
Here are a few of my best friends, getting these 2 cats to sit together for more than 10 seconds was pure luck, lol.
Bonnie (left) and Max (right) are siblings, she is more of a hunter and he just likes to lay around, he's the mellowist cat i've ever seen.
Sammy was my best friend, i will miss his loyal companionship forever.
Buddy was my wife's best friend..they were very close..he was Sammy's father.
As far as i'm concerned, Labs are the best dogs in the world..they are smart, easy to train, great with kids and they love water.. we have our own pond so i never had to worry about where they were, lol.

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