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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Today's News

It seems that the Government will pass some legislation pertaining to gun sales and ownership.
But the one thing that some states are doing is to revert to the Constitution's 10th amendment, which basically disregards any federal laws by exempting guns that are made in that state, i like it and i hope other states follow suit with something similar.
Also there is more scuttlebutt about "Acorn" and all of the corruption within.. what i can't understand is why it's taken so long for anyone to investigate it.. this isn't something that has just come about recently, Acorn has been around since the 1960's, and i'm sure that so has the corruption.
And still our Government is pushing for a socialized health care system, that hasn't worked in any other country that's tried it. Why does our government think that it will work here?
If that happens, all the smaller insurance companies will go out of business, there will only be a few large companies.. Pharmaceutical companies will no longer be able to charge high prices for drugs, which will prevent them from research and development..in essence..we will be taking yesterday's medicine for tomorrow's illnesses.
Oh and did you hear the latest?..well...it seems that CO2 (carbon dioxide) isn't really all that dangerous to your health as they have tried to convince you of..Hmmm i wonder what else Algore wasn't exactly all that truthful about, lol.
There is a lot more going on in the world, but most of it is either boring or just depressing.
But i am glad that Miss California will keep her crown, and that Donald Trump did the right thing and stood up for her, for that Mr Trump, you sir are a Patriot.

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