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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Where is America Headed?

I am proud to be an American and i believe in it's Founding Documents and the beliefs that our Forefathers had, especially the belief in God.. Our founders believed in God so much that his mention is in our Constitution, and Declaration of Independance, not to mention our currency.
I consider myself a conservative / libertarian, while not a religious fanatic, i believe in pro life, heterosexual marriage and freedom of religion.
What bothers me is how we elected a President with very radical ideas about changing our country into a "global democracy" which basically means we would give up our Constitution and abide by the laws of some radical judges from another country.
I know this is a historical time for our country, with the election of our first Black President, i don't have a problem with that, or even the fact that he has Muslim heritage..but i do have a problem with the fact that he sat in Reverand Wright's church for over 20 years, listening to that man spew his anti - American rhetoric and then at the last moment, during his campaign, suddenly dis the Reverand. We all know he did that because it would hurt his chances of being elected if he didn't.
And now we have the Homeland Security Secretary, (Ms. Napolitano) , calling our veterans, "possible threats to the Government". It seems, she thinks that our retired military will rise up and form malitias around the country to try and overthrow the Government.
Now the only reason i could think of that would make a person even consider such an act in the first place would be maybe they think the Government is tyranical and not doing the job it was elected to do.
Ms. Napolitano later apologised for her comments, but i think the damage was already done, at least we all know where her head is at...that's right..it's up her A$$.
Yesterday this country saw Tea parties, from coast to coast, and depending on where you get your news from...for the most part, were all peaceful protests against the spending and taxes.
Some liberal media said there was violence and low turnouts, but all of the ones i saw on TV were all peaceful and very large numbers of people at them..even in the rain in DC.
There is no doubt that this country is on a very fast track to somewhere, If the President's agenda is a success, it will be the first time in history that increasing debt, got us out of a recession. On the other hand..If it fails..This country will literally go totally bankrupt, making our money worthless, no countries will give us credit and we will all be collecting welfare until it runs out and the soup kitchens dry up.
One last note, Barack Hussein Obama, spoke at Georgetown University today, and before he did, the white house requested that all artifacts and referances to God be covered up, which the Univesity obliged in doing, What is up with that? He also plans on speaking at Notre Dame, which all Presidents do, up until now..If the white house makes the same request there, will they oblige, or will they stand up for their principles as a Catholic School and just say NO.

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