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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Pirates of the Carribean?

When i hear the word "Pirate", i think of Johnny Depp and his band of swashbucklers, wearing 3 cornered hats and fighting with swords and cannons.
But instead, what we have are a bunch of mostly teenage Muslims, who have found a way to make money, by sailing around in little more than canoes or small fishing boats, carrying automatic weapons, with RPG's (rocket propelled grenades) , and boarding unarmed cargo ships, many are carrying food and relief supplies to Kenya, as well as their own Country of Somalia.
Up until now, the United States has respected the wishes of Countries like Somalia, by not arming our cargo ships, which i would think is about to change.
In lieu of the latest events which was a failed attempt by the pirates, and ultimately the killing of 3 of them for their efforts..The Somalia pirates have vowed to step up their attacks, especially toward ships with American Flags.
So that (in my view) leaves us with little choice, but to start arming our cargo ships, training the crews on how to defend themselves and hiring professionals, such as retired military personel with the weapons and tools they need to do the job.
It seems that we have a whole new war on our hands, ( as if we didn't have enough problems already) , and these guys are serious, they have nothing to lose..we have much.
These "pirates", ( i prefer to call them TERRORISTS) , although they don't look very capable of hijacking large cargo ships, have already proven that they are very capable, with over 300 hostages so far and a large number of ships in their possesion.
While they don't look like Johnny Depp and friends, have no doubt, they are very dangerous and have already said that they would slaughter any Americans that they can get their hands on.
While we prayed for the safe return of Captain Phillips and applaud our Military for a job well done, these people are planning more frequent attacks on our ships, I hope we will be ready for them.............

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