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Monday, April 13, 2009

It's Alive !!

Well the #17 is finally complete, the motor runs. Dave (the engine builder) came over today to fire up the motor for the 1st time..there's somewhat of a ritual to starting a new motor.
But as usual, everything went smooth, the camshaft and lifters are broke in and ready to go racing. The #29 is also ready to go, with a fresh motor..
With practice day quickly approaching (This Saturday 4/16) there are always a bunch of last minute things to do. And it seems that no matter how many times we've done this, we always seem to miss something, although most times it's only a small, non critical item, someone will no doubt get yelled at because there's really no excuse for it, and one of these times it might be a big thing that gets overlooked, which would not be a good thing.
So anyway, we'll load up the haulers friday night, hang out in the garage, drink a few beers, do last minute preparations. We'll get down to the track around 8:00 am, everyone has to go through Tech inspection, and be certified before they are allowed onto the track, the officials are very strict about that, the last thing that anyone wants is an unsafe car out there.
We should get 5 or 6 rounds of practice in for both cars, which should be enough to shake them down and make whatever adjustments we'll need for the following week, which of course everyone knows is...The Spring Sizzler !!! Our 1st race of the season, it is a very big deal here in Stafford, lol.


  1. Oooh, I want one of those. Very nice, I will be waiting for more details on the race.
    My hubby and I are sometime NASCAR fans but mostly into desert racing down Baja way these days.
    Nice looking blog,

  2. Thanks SQ, don't worry there will be plenty more comments about racing, especially about our team..this will be our 2nd year without a major sponsor (unless something happens soon) so we're probably not championship inclined.
    Keeping these things together and making every race isn't cheap, so we are just out to win some races and have fun...
    As for the blog..thanks, you are too kind, i don't know much about putting these things together so i keep it simple...:)

  3. Love the blog Rusty...
    I for one can't wait for the smell of burnin rubber and the feel of the rumbling engines.
    This team is so deserving of a championship and I hope that some generous business out there will see that and offer a sponsorship. If they only knew how dedicated the entire team is and realize that they are not just a 'backyard' group of guys that just threw a motor on a car. This team would make a sponsor proud with their knowledge, dedication and hard work...