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Sunday, April 12, 2009

An Easter Blessing

It's such a great feeling to comment about such a positive event, like the one that occurred today off the coast of Somalia. It's awesome to believe that all the prayers from people all around the world came to fruition, on Easter Sunday.
I can't begin to thank our fine Military for the awesome job that they do, each and every day, without a doubt, the finast Military in the world.
God Bless our Navy and the expert Seal team that took out the terrorists that held Captain Richard Phillips as hostage for several days, in a lifeboat.
I know that they would probably say that they were just doing their job, the modest bunch that they are, but it's comforting to know that they are willing and very capable of doing their job with the utmost accuracy as to eliminate the enemy without harm to the Captain.
God Bless our Military and all that they do, God Bless Captain Phillips and family and May God continue to Bless America.........Happy Easter

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