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Monday, April 20, 2009

A Few Bikes

Here are a few bikes to check out, this Candy red Heritage is my daily rider, i bought it brand new in 1999, it's a great looking and great riding bike..the most reliable scooter i've ever had..so far.. It's also somewhat of a collector item, it's the last year of the Evolution motor ( 80 cu. in. / 1340 cc) , in 2000 all big twins came with the new Twincam motor (88 cu. in. /1450 cc)

This one is my friend Ray's 2007 Dresser, The best riding, touring bike in the world ( in my opinion)

And this oldie but goody is one of many that my son has collected over the years, to the best of my knowledge, it's 1967 BSA 500, that was obviously made into a chopper, that was a big thing in the 60's and 70's, and there were lots of these bikes around..but these days they are very rare.. kool little bike though..this one runs great..fun around town but you sure wouldn't want to ride it cross country :)


  1. Cool bikes, my husband would absolutely die if he saw that BSA!

  2. I've actualy seen the 1st bike the cherry red one sweet ride, but when I saw it at work it had training wheels on it. Good air brush out job Rusty!!! lol the man know all motor vehicles so when he say's drive/ride you say how fast!

    take 5ive

  3. Thanks SQ, I have tons more pics of bikes but most are in shoe boxes somewhere that i never got around to scanning in, but i'll make it a mission to start doing it.
    And thanks for letting out my secret T5..now everyone knows about the training wheels, LOL