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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Have We Had Enough Yet?

This is great, i love this one..since it's "Earth Day" we see all these EPA and "Green" Technology commercials on TV.. Did you know that those spiral shaped "green" lightbulbs that they are cramming down our throats are very dangerous?..well it seems they contain Mercury.
I remember back in school, we played with mecury, rolling it around in science class..anyway the EPA has a 15 step procedure to deal with contamination, should you happen to break one of those bulbs. Next we have a plant in Kentucky that was manufacturing these "green" lightbulbs, but for some unknown reason, they were forced out of business and now we must import said lightbulbs from China..that's right, China. Not only are they more expensive than domestically made ones, but are also not nearly as good. Not to mention, how do those get here? i would guess that they are shipped on large container ships.. is shipping free or are those ships hybrids? I think not, so tell me how cheap Chinese lightbulbs that cost twice as much is helping our economy or our planet.
It also seems that our beloved President can't make up his mind who he wants to appease today or who he wants to investigate. Two days ago he said that he would NOT seek to investigate the Bush administration for it's tactics regarding the "torturing" of enemy combatants in a time of war. And yesterday he did a complete 180 degree turn and now says that he will pursue those that advised President Bush. It makes me wonder if he can make a decision on his own. So far, all he's done is pander to his Liberal base.
Whether you agree or disagree with our former President's tactics in regards to obtaining information from our enemies, doesn't matter...what does matter is the fact that immediately following the 9-11 attack on our land, our CIA and other agencies were so dysfunctional in sharing of information with each other that there was no way of knowing whether another attack was immanent or not. We have Bill Clinton to thank for that, he personally dismantled our intelligence gathering agencies, making it nearly impossible for them to operate effectively.
The President had to make quick decisions, with the limited intelligence that he had to work with, that is what we pay him for. No President in History, nor his staff have ever been prosecuted for decisions made in a time of war.
This President and his administration are moving too fast on too many issues at the same time, creating this illusion of urgency, while they mask their real agenda..which is the "dumbing down" of America..taking over private businesses, and banks. Forcing businesses to comply with new, very tough emission laws, that they can never accomplish, therefore will be paying very stiff penalties for not doing so, while all that will trickle down to us, the consumer. It has been said that it will add an additional $200. to $300. per month to your electric bill. Someone correct me if i'm wrong on that..but that's what i heard.
This Liberal administration is going to implement as many of these radical policies for as long as it can, until we can stop it...right now..the only thing we can do is to keep pressure on our local politicians as much as we can, and if they don't listen..we need to vote them out in 2010.
That's the only thing that is going to stop this madness, i don't care which political party you believe in..sooner or later, this is going to affect you, if it hasn't already.
I'm not ashamed to say that i've had enough of Government spending my hard earned money foolishly on their pet projects, and bailing out these failed businesses that should have been allowed to go chapter 11.
They seem to forget one very important thing...Government works for THE PEOPLE, NOT the reverse..If they refuse to admit that, and start working for us..we have no choice but to FIRE every damned one of them..maybe then..they will get the idea....Maybe

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