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Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Team

RDR has been racing at Stafford Speedway since 2005. Our 1st season in the Dare Stock division, Rob finished 5th in points, (not bad for a rookie who had never driven anything before).
The following season, Rob just knew he had to go faster so we built a brand new Limited Late Model and finished 4th in 2006.
Rob's work schedule prevented him from driving in 2007 so we hired veteran driver Rick "Rush Hour" Lanagan to wheel the #29, with 8 wins he was only able to secure a 2nd place in points, (we spanked the whole field in my opinion that year).
In 2008 we added long time friend and driver of the #16 to Team RDR , we didn't win a lot of races but we sure had a lot of fun.
In 2009 we welcome Mark Russell who will co-drive a brand new car for this year, the #17.
Mark has been a part of RDR for the last 2 seasons as a fabricator and all around mechanic.
Without the help and commitment that he and his brother Rob Russell (our master fabricator and team co-owner) we would never have been able to race at all. Hats off to both of them...


  1. OK RDR I'm following your blog I like what you have to say! I'll bet your a Pink Flloyd fan???

  2. Sure i'm a Floyd fan..but then i think i wrote that in my profile...no matter, if you haven't already seen/heard the Australian Pink Floyd..you are missing out my friend.. i saw them here last Oct. i was blown away..Check out their website...wwww.aussiefloyd.com
    And thanks for the comment..much appreciated