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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Blame America

Here we have the Secretary of State (Mrs. Clinton) out there telling the world that 90% of the weapons being used by Mexican drug cartels are coming from America... typical liberal rhetoric being pumped all over the media, without any real proof..the truth is..only about 17% are really coming from the U.S. which is bad enough, but not nearly as bad as the government would have you think.
Then we have our President, telling the Europeans how Arrogant the United States is and how we, (Americans) need to get more in line with the Europeans and their way of doing things.
This is truly a historical event, because it's the first time ever that a President has spoken down to his own country, and blaming it for most of the world's problems, while standing on foreign soil.
Is this the change that people voted for? It's a good thing that our founding fathers were mindful that such a thing could happen, and built in safeguards into the Constitution to deal with it.
When a government goes against the peoples wishes, and tries to re write the constitution, we have no other option but to CHANGE THE GOVERNMENT.. This is our duty as Americans, to root out and eliminate those that will not follow the constitution..simple as that..
The congress and the President are there temporarily as keepers of the constitution...it's their job to uphold it..NOT CHANGE IT IN THEIR IMAGE..
There are up coming elections in many states, we need to send a clear message by voting out the career politicians and the corruption involved and Take back our country or else they will just keep taking away what freedoms we have left, moving us farther towards socialism/ fascism. It's Up To Us..... To be continued...................................

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  1. I have been informed that Mrs Clinton is right about the 90% number but you are also right on 17% The 17% are the Mexicans trying to protect themselves from the drug dealers unfortunately there all dead now cause they did it legaly and had to wait seven days to get a permit.the 90% percent that did get the guns got them on the street right in front of the police cause its ILLEGAL for the cops to stop them if they think they may be either here illegally or doing something ILLEGAL!!!

    take 5ive man