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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Dodd And Franks Must GO

Where is the outrage? where are the conservatives that should be screaming about all this corruption that is rampant in the congress?
I think it's time that they Demand for the resignation of Barney and Chris immediately.
It's too long to have to wait until the elections, which are 19 months away. These two crooks are just taking up space in the Senate and their votes on anything should be disallowed.
There should be a special election to replace them, until regular elections are held.
These people are a disgrace to our country, traitors as far as i'm concerned, they are supposed to be held at a higher standard, and reflect the wishes of the people they represent, they have done just the opposite, they should be in jail. They should be run out of Washington, stripped of all benefits, including health care and pensions that they would normally receive for the rest of their lives. And then prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

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  1. Amen brother this is what people like you and me and many others have been talking about for a long time. Now WE have a forum to post the feelings of main stream America thanks to the internet and thanks to Al Gore for giving it to us!!!! lol
    And as far as Chris goes don't count on CT's Attorney General to go after him he just said it Illegal to go after a Federal Rep. I wonder where he went to college to learn the law? perhap he took a corrospondence course offered by the ACLU.

    take 5ive man