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Monday, April 6, 2009

Bribary? Extorsion? Chicago Politics?

As if it weren'y bad enough that Barack HUSSEIN Obama threatened the CEO's of banks that refused to take bailout money, by saying "My administration is the only thing between you and the pitchforks".. there he is in europe, making apologies for the United States and blaming George Bush for everything that's happened in the last fifty years.
At the same time, talking tough to North Korea, demanding that the rest of the world stand up and do something about it....yeah Barack..that's what we need..more UN sanctions, that'll get the job done alright.
What he doesn't realize, is how weak all that makes him look in the eyes of our enemies.
First of all...China wants no part of any sanctions or any kind of punishment to N. Korea, because they don't want to deal with the influx of refugess that would pour into China, should anything bad happen there, N. Korea is already bankrupt and it's people are starving.
Obama want's to decrease military spending like all democrats do, but he also wants to cut our missle defense system, which is the only thing protecting us from a missle attack, like the one that N. Korea just tested.
Mr. Obama, you can only blame George Bush for so long, it's getting old, you will have to show some progress on your own before long.
You can only disrespect your Country and tax it's people into poverty for so long before they turn on you, and start the process of impeachment.... but i think that's already been spoken about, and not just by people like me.
It's a shame too, because This President is a great speaker and motivator, it's too bad that his motives don't reflect the wishes of the people of America................

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  1. Your right again my friend, he's a fantastic speaker and motivator thats how he got the job he has. It kinda reminds me of someone else oh yeah its me I guess I kinda bullshitted my way into the position I have now, my employers expect results and so do Obamas and they are us! keep those flags a flying we'll get the message out!