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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Scumbags in Texas

Why would someone want to harm a defenseless animal? especially a yellow Labrador, that had nothing but unconditional love for her master and best friend.
Well that's exactly what these scumbags in Texas did..but what they didn't know is that the dog's owner is Navy Seal Hero, Marcus Luttrell.
The two scumbags, have now been arrested and are now out on bond, but the sad thing is, the penalty for their crime (cruelty to animals) is only two years in jail. I think they should be tried for MURDER IN THE FIRST DEGREE, This was a premedatated act of violence against a beautiful, harmless, defenseless animal, which in my opinion is even worse than killing a human.
Marcus chased these two killers, in his pickup truck and caught up to them, held them at gunpoint until authorities arrived, I don't know how he restrained himself, i don't know what i would have done..but i certainly wouldn't have blamed him for blowing their damned heads off.
My deepest Condolances Marcus....May God Bless You and God Bless America.



  1. 2 years in prison for a crime like that is a cake walk compared to what's ahead for lowlifes like that for give the referrence but "every dog has his day" and someday those bastards WILL be judged for their actions.

  2. I'm with you! My wife use to work in a shelter, shes an animal lover. After a year of watching what people were doing to animals, she broke down, crying in her sleep, it was really hard. Shes still an advocate and is returning to her work but people have no idea what it does to a person thats trying to be a voice for these animals.

  3. People that harm animals are just low lifes whose minds are so messed up that they think they can pick on something that has no control over it in order to make themseles feel like they are superior to something. So sad. A few years back there was a case where some teens broke in to an empty house and put a puppy in the oven and turned it on. I cried like a baby reading it on the news site. How pitiful. There are some awful people in the world. Hopefully they dont cross my path!!!!

  4. Amen to that..I just lost my Chocolate Lab, Sam several months ago (he was 12). We also raised his father, buddy a black lab, those dogs saw my kids and grandkids grow up..that's the hardest part of it all..is saying goodbye to such a loyal friend and family member.
    Thanks for the comments.