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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Pirates And Lead Poisening..Huh?

What do Pirates and lead poisening have in common?, probably not much, but if there's a correlation, i'll try to find one.
First of all, lets stop calling them "Pirates"..They are "TERRORISTS" plain and simple.
They have been hijacking ships all along the coast of Somalia for a very long time and doing very well for themselves, especially lately. The question is, how can a bunch of thugs, in a dinghy, hijack a ship that's a hundred times larger than theirs, with little more than pea shooters?
The Somalian government forbids ships to carry military personel and cannot shoot at the "pirates" unless they are fired upon first. My question is, if you are out at sea, and you sink the "pirate" ship, who's to say they didn't fire first?
Anyway my real point is that, this time they tried to hijack an American ship, and they got a bit more than they expected..a crew that fought back.
I know that we have a spineless government now that doesn't have the testicular fortitude to stand up to these people, but we need to send the Marines to that area to protect our interests.
As long as we have a President who is sympathetic to Islamics, not much of anything will get done, and the terrorists know it. This problem is escalating, as the "pirates" keep getting richer, they also get stronger, with better weapons and bigger ships, One thing is for certain..the problem will only get worse, the longer we let it continue...........

And now for the Lead Poisening part... OK well, it seems that "Big Brother", (our government) has banned the sales of motorcycles for children, (you know, the small dirt bikes that all the kids have these days) it seems that some of the parts on these bikes contain lead, and if it's injested, the kid could get sick, that's right....Folks, there's no way that anyone could make this stuff up. So i guess some of the ways around it would be..just buy the kid a bigger bike or maybe sign a waiver, promising that your kid won't lick any parts on the bike..OR.....Here's the correlation to the "pirates".....send the dirt bikes to them...I'm sure that they are dumb enough to lick the bikes and they will all die of lead poisening, and the problem solved...It sounds good to me.

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