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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Attend Your Local Tea Party

By now i'm sure that everyone is aware ( or at least should be) that our economy is in dire straights. It seems that our government doesn't seem to have any concern about how much of our money that they are spending. They certainly are not listening to the people.
I'm not trying to blame either party, i blame both parties..they all saw this coming along time ago and they did nothing. Why? because of GREED. That is nothing new, wherever there is big business and politics, there is greed.
The government has proven time after time that they do not run businesses very well, ie: the post office, railroads and medicare etc.
So why on earth did they start bailing out these corrupt companies, when there were already safeguards in place for that very purpose...it's called.. Chapter 11 Bankruptsy.
They could have let the courts settle it all out, and the Government could have kept their noses out of it, but again..GREED is very rampant and with that you also want total Power over everything, which it seems, is exactly what this administration wants.
You can only disregard the voices of the people for so long, to have a negative attitude against your own Country is appalling and to blatently disregard the Constitution of The United States is Treason.. The Opinions of many people across the Country echo the need for a change in Government.
That's the object of the Tea Parties that are happening on April 15th in many cities.
It's important to all of us, no matter if you are Democrat or Republican, it affects all of us.
WE need to show up and Stand up for your God given rights, NOT your government given rights. If you Love your country and don't want to see it change to a third world dictatorship right before your eyes....SHOW UP at a Tea Party near you, If your not sure where they are, look here....

God Bless America

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