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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Spring Sizzler

With 22 days until the spring sizzler, it's crunch time for the #29 and #17 team.
The fact that we are still operating on a limited budget, with no major sponsor as of yet, is nothing new to us. Whether we run the entire season is not our main focus, we have decided not to stress about money, and just do the best we can and go out and win races and have fun.
After all..this IS supposed to be a "hobby" a very expensive one, but a hobby none the less.
With all the negative things we see and read every day, we really need this to keep us from going totally crazy, we all think, eat, sleep and talk about racing all during the winter months and in 22 days, we will all awaken from hibernation and once more see, hear, smell, taste and become racers once again.... To borrow the words from a wise man..."Boogity, Boogity, Boogity..Lets go racin' boys!!"

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  1. that's funny,..you called D Wal a wise man,.. I've always thought of him as a caricature ever since he quit racing,. lol,..

    nice,.. thanks for stopping by,..