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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Where Was The Shock?

The caption read like there was some breaking news concerning the underwear bomber and that the President was about to announce some new information that was going to be "Shocking".
Well...i must have missed it because all i heard was the same things that we've been hearing for a week.
      I do agree with the President that we need to come together as a people and live our lives as we always have, and not be afraid in our own Country. But the main problem remains that this administration is too weak on terrorism, in fact they are just now starting to even use the word terrorist instead of "isolated extremist".
I also don't have a problem with the President taking his time and review the facts before making decisions, i just wish he had done that before he said the Mass. Police were dumb to arrest the Black professor.
     Instead of punishing Americans by subjecting us to these airport intrusions, they need to do things like Israel does, They Need To Profile. It's not hard to understand that the terrorists that want to kill us are for the most part, Middle Eastern in decent.  Those are the people they should be looking at the hardest. Taking away shampoo from elderly white women will not make us safer.
      One last comment on the underpants bomber, If the President is serious about fighting a war, this man should be held as an enemy combatant and sent to gitmo. By no means should he have been given ANY of  OUR rights and be tried as an American Citizen.
I think it's just a matter of time before we will be attacked again, it's no secret that these Jihadists are ramping up their mission, and just like on Dec. 25th, we'll be one step behind them and the President will come on TV and talk about the things we need to do, instead of actually doing them.  I hope i'm wrong.

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