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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Global Warming?

Come on people, what to heck are we doing? Do we really believe all this crap that they keep feeding us about "Carbon footprints" and "Green" this and "Green" that?
Folks, let me fill you in on a little secret that the media won't talk about..are you paying attention?
The Earth revolves around the Sun..yes it's true, but.. it doesn't always line up in the same place..in other words, it's orbit is elipticle..which affects our weather patterns over periods of time.
The length of time that we have been forecasting the weather is miniature in comparison with the age of the planet. Even the length of time that man has been here is miniature in comparison.
Man can no more affect the weather or the temperature of the planet than he can stop it.
Man does not create global warming...
The Government will have you think that it's "All Our Fault" and we have to conserve and tighten our belts, give up the things that we all worked our whole lives for...the abilty to have a nice big car or truck or suv..but we all know that they hate the suv..they always have.
They want us to drive those little electric cars or hybrids that cost twice as much and nobody wants. How many politicians do you see traveling in one of those little shit boxes?
Anyway, folks..if it makes you feel better to conserve and make sacrifices to help the planet, then by all means..do so..but do it because you want to..NOT beacuse some damned politican or Hollywood kook tells you to.
My 34' RV gets about 10 mpg (down hill) and i drive it every chance i can..my wife and i love to go to Nascar races, or just get away for awhile... and we will continue to do so as often as we can afford to..and I Hope Nobody Likes It!!! I paid for it, i buy the gas and i'll make my own decisions, without the help of the government, as long as i don't ask them for a bailout.
If you wish to follow up on this global warming crap..you can access Rush Limbaugh's site..he has numerous offerings on this subject..that's how i know so much :)
To be continued............

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