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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Nascar's punishment or just a slap on the wrist?

Anyone who is a racing fan, and happened to watch the Nationwide race last Saturday night, saw the wreck between Carl Edwards and Brad Keselowski. We all know that there has been a rivalry between these two since they first raced each other. Each of them have been the aggressor and i don't favor either of them, it's just good racing to see competitors bump each other around until it gets out of hand, which most of us feel is what happened this time.
      I have to give Edwards credit for at least being honest by admitting that he wrecked Keselowski on purpose,and i commend Keselowski for keeping his cool, (at least to the media) and not whining about it like some drivers do.
      As for Edwards penalty, i applaud Nascar for at least doing something, (i suspect mostly due to public pressure), but i think that 60 driver points and 60 owner points and $25,000 fine is merely chicken feed, they should be happy that i don't make those decisions...enough said about that.

         As for Team RDR, it seems that we have gotten back into our rythem, the car has been running great, Rob has been doing a great job behind the wheel and the car has been coming home clean every week.
In our last 5 races, we've finished 4th, 3rd twice, 2nd and last week was our 1st win of the season.
      Last weeks win also comes on the heels of both of our main sponsors pulling out on us, just the week prior, so it's an in your face kind of deal to them. So until we find a main sponsor, we will just do the best we can, and try to finish out the season.
       Finally, as usual, i have to thank the crew for all the hard work and dedication that they show, each and every week..and the fans who come out and cheer us on..without the fans, there would be no reason for us to show up.
        God Bless America

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