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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The 29 gets a new Body

Well it's been a long winter, and it seems that not much seems to get done until the snow melts and the first taste of spring arrives. And then...it's chaos..No matter what the circumstances are, it's always that way. There are always things that don't get done until the last minute. It's no different this year, except that we actually have some sponsor money for a change, which is very much needed and appreciated.
      There are only 3 weeks left until open practice, and then the Spring Sizzler weekend, April 23 - 25.
Without spoiling the surprise too much, i will say that the 29 will have a new color scheme for 2010, that's all i'll say about that for now. As for the 17 car, unfortunately there just isn't enough money to run it for the whole season, but we hope to get it out there a few times, if all goes well.
The main focus right now is the finishing touches to the 29's new body, re-assemble everything and make adjustments as needed.. If everything goes right..we'll make the open practice in 3 weeks..if everything doesn't go right..we won't...either way..we'll be there at the Sizzler.

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