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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Lets Make A Deal?

Well it looks like the Democrats have the 60 votes needed to continue the process on "Health Care Reform".
It's how they got the 60 votes is what bothers me, now we all know that there has been corruption in Washington, for as long as there have been politicians.
Only now it seems that it's much more evident, and they are playing these games which are far more expensive than anything they've ever done before, they speak in trillions of dollars like no other administration before.
     The arrogance that they have toward anyone who disagrees or even questions their actions.
When a reporter asked Nancy Pelosi, "where in the Constitution, does it allow the government to force citizens to buy something that it doesn't want?" her reply was.."are you serious?"
These people don't care about the Constitution, all they care about is power, the more that the government takes over private businesses, the more power they will have over our lives.
A smart man once said, "When government fears the people, you have democracy..when people fear the government, you have tyranny".
We left Europe 200 years ago to escape tyranny, our founding fathers were smart men, they founded our Constitution so that we might learn from their experiences, apparantly we haven't learned a damned thing.

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