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Monday, October 19, 2009

A New World Order

How many czars do we have this week? At last count, i think there were 35.. but i could be wrong.
Does anyone know who these people really are? Does the President even know?
Most of them have not been confirmed by congress, and most of congress apposes the idea of having czars in the first place. Yet we do.
These czars are some of the most ideological, far left wing nuts on the planet, i'm sure you've heard some the views that they have, it's scary to think that these people actually influence our government a great deal.
I personally think that our President is a good man and wants to do the right thing, but..he can't.
He is beholding to those far left whackos and unions who spent millions to get him elected..Lets face it f0lks, we all know that this guy never held a job in his life, except for "community organizer" whatever that is. He doesn't have a clue how to govern a country, and listens to too many people.
When you personally attack a news organization because they report some things that you don't like, you are picking the wrong enemy.
When was the last time a sitting President did that? i can't think of any.
I don't just blame the President, this has been going on for a very long time, it just escalated with his anointment.
Our rights under the constitution are slowly being taken away, the government continues to grow and spend our money, while most of us are saying NO.
Most people agree that some sort of health care reform is what we need, but NOT a complete takeover and mandates set by the government, that's absurd.
They have already taken over the banking system, the auto makers, wall street, and are in bed with large companies like GE which stand to make zillions of dollars through the cap and trade deal.
The President agrees with these radicals that have no problem in surrendering the sovereignty of our Country to some"World Government", Do you want the United Nations telling you what to do? We see the great job they do there.
Most of the criticism that Obama is getting, is coming from within his own party, they can't even stand together and agree on something, and yet they blame everyone else for their blunders.
Oh and i think i heard something about a next stimulous package, the 1st one worked so well.
And there was mention that we might also be bailing out the newspapers that are going under.
They will continue to spend money that we don't have, create larger government, shrink the private sector, ruin our monetary system and turn us into "equals" to the rest of the world.

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